Graphic Design

Graphic Design Degree Programs

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the graphic design field is projected to grow by 13 percent from 2010 to 2020. About a quarter of graphic designers are self-employed, working when and where they want to. Designing album covers, magazines, Internet websites, business logos, and the daily newspaper, they often have more work than they can handle. Maximize your prospects for a career in graphic design by earning a college degree.

Graphic Design Career Training

On-campus and online degree programs in graphic design are available across the country. Both associate's and bachelor's degree programs may require you to take the same core classes. An associate's degree introduces you to the basics of graphic design. A bachelor's degree provides more advanced training, which may require for most entry-level design jobs. Typical design courses include studio art, principles of design, and graphic production. Classes in computer and software instruction are also part of design school programs.

Featured Graphic Design Schools