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The art schools require discipline, commitment and a great portfolio. If you have the talent and are serious about making it to the top of your field, then following schools might be of help.The art schools listed below are in no particular order.

Art School

Cal Arts (Los Angeles)

The California Institute of the Arts commonly referred to as Cal Arts was founded by the Walt Disney Company and is widely regarded as the best art school on the West Coast.


Pratt Institute (New York)

Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn and Manhattan has trained renown fashion designers, architects, artists and designers. The school was founded in the nineteenth century by Charles Pratt, an influence in the natural oil painting industry in the United States.

Art School

The Rhode Island School of Design
(Providence, Rhode Island)

The Rhode Island School of Design, commonly abbreviated as RISD has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the United States. The school shares many facilities with Brown University.

Art School

Yale Art School (New Haven, Connecticut

Yale has long been known as one of the very best private universities in the U.S., but few know that the school includes one of the most prestigious art schools.

Chicago Art Institute

School of the Art Institute or Chicago (Chicago)

The Art Institute of Chicago is recognized as the top art school in the United States if not the entire world. The school was founded in the mid-nineteenth century and is partnered with an art museum.