Take me out to the gallery: Which World Series city has the better art scene?


Fans in St. Louis and Boston showed their team spirit as the Cardinals and the Red Sox fought for the right to be named World Series champions during the past week -- and orchestral musicians were no exception. To show their support for their beloved baseball teams, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra donned their cities' respective MLB jerseys and musically slugged it out in a video recently posted on YouTube. In the clip, each orchestra trash talks the other -- highlighting why they think their team is best -- and showed off their melodious chops by playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Anything You Can Do."

And while the Red Sox finished off the Cards at Fenway last week, when it comes to the art and music scenes in St. Louis and Boston, the jury's still out on which city reigns supreme. With that in mind, let's take a look at what each has to offer.


It's not surprising that a city so rich in history has a robust visual and performance art scene. The following are just a sampling of attractions in Boston for the artistically inclined:

St. Louis

With its unique Midwestern flair, St. Louis' art scene isn't a slouch either. Among the attractions the city has to offer are:

Who's the winner?

When it comes to the arts, there's certainly no shortage of unique attractions in each city. So who comes out on top? We'll let you make the final call, but thankfully -- unlike the sport of baseball -- you can always root for both sides without the fear of being ostracized.


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