Where Have All The Comic Books Gone?|Where Have All The Comic Books Gone?

Where Have All The Comic Books Gone?

Hollywood blockbuster movies are red hot with all types of superheroes. But what about the good ol' comic book periodicals that spawned them? According to many publishers, the comic book periodicals business has become an "evolve or die" industry--the future probably is 'graphic novels.' Find out how you can join the comic revolution and enjoy a fabulous career in animation. You can start with career training in illustration.

The Comic Book Customer It used to be that animated comic books were bought and traded by young children everywhere. But now, due to escalating production costs and graying customers, many comic books have all but disappeared. In fact, according to comic titan Dan Buckley, publisher for Marvel, recent focus-group research is showing that kids don't even know what comic books are, let alone where to buy them. And that is exactly where your artistic talents can help turn the tide and start a revolution.

Animated Comic Book Revolution In order to give comic books their well-deserved makeover, superhero titans like DC and Marvel are aggressively shifting their focus from traditional comics to graphic novels. They are recruiting celebrity talent, employing new creative animators, and pushing to get animated comics back into convenience stores and other accessible distributors and markets.

If you enjoy comic books and possess some creative ideas, solid technical skills, and sheer raw talent, you just might be what the comic revolution is looking for. Now is the time to get started on a great career in animation and help bring back the superheroes of yesteryear and introduce the superheroes of tomorrow.

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