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Run a Successful Fashion Blog

"Why would a fashion designer want a blog?" you may ask. It's because social networking is more than just cool these days. It won't necessarily take you from rags to riches, but creating a fashion design blog while you're still in art school can help you build professional bandwidth, create a lifelong career network, and provide a venue for developing ideas.

If you're in an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree program in fashion, why not take advantage of a powerful viral-marketing tool that costs nothing to own and just an hour a day to maintain? Blogs can be valuable resources for building your professional reputation and portfolio. Therefore, when you learn how to accomplish something in design and illustrate it in your blog, you can link with other experts in the field. Essentially, you build your own authority and audience.

Creating a blog is relatively simple, especially if you use an online hosting company. Companies such as Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, and Xanga provide the essentials for hosting, and all you do is populate your blog with entries. Add an email address to your entries, along with a biographical sketch, and links to an online design portfolio.

Once you've started, there's no limit to the ways in which you can branch out. Swapping links with other art and design bloggers can widen your information empire. Online social news sites like Digg allow your friends and design school associates to submit your blog posts for distribution across the Web.

Other Fashion Design Blogs: Check out the Competition Have a look at some successful blogs in your design space to get ideas. From Portland, The Oregonian fashion writer Vivian McInerny posts engaging articles about current trends and fashion designers on a daily blog. She illustrates her stories with accompanying digital photographs of designs and designers.

Interested in working as an artist or designer for a major chain? Check out the Smarter Fashion Blog, where writers from an online comparison shopping service post extensive links to commercial retail stores, links to other blogs reporting on fashion trends, and to current fashion design business stories.

Some design blogs begin simple and grow large. began modestly in 2006 and today has matured to a four-editor entity, covering international designs and accessories, along with sharing trade tips and secrets.

You can use any of these sites as a model for designing your own blog in terms of prose and illustration formatting. Once your blog is up and running, the sky's the limit!

Smarter Fashion Blog
Vivian McInerny

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Gabby Hyman has created online strategies and written content for Fortune 500 companies including eToys,, Siebel Systems, Microsoft Encarta, Avaya, and Nissan UK.

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