Can Students Really Learn Something from Video Games?|Can Students Really Learn Something from Video Games?

Can Students Really Learn Something from Video Games?

Reputable colleges and even some high schools are recognizing video game design as a valuable college degree. And a cushy, creative job isn't the only benefit.

Video game design may sound like just another academic playground for students who don't want to grow up. But more and more schools are disagreeing with this analysis. Video game design is increasingly seen as a viable curriculum--one that not only offers viable career options, but also teaches students valuable life skills.

One of the unsung qualities of video game design is its collaborative nature. Ability to work in teams is a critical part of any design project, and all game design programs require it. No great design is created in a vacuum.

Design Schools to the Rescue
From software programmers to animators, every part of the video game assembly line needs to be in sync. The ability to communicate is essential to game production, and in turn, to design training. Another useful quality of game design degrees is their ability to interest students in classroom work, even those previously allergic to studying. The rise in popularity of online elementary schools will allow game designers to tailor educational games to meet the needs of this technologically-adept generation.

Game Design Jobs
But beside all the less publicized qualities of attending a video game design program, there remains the main attraction. Gaming has become a huge industry, rivaling all other forms of home entertainment, including TV, movies or music. There is a real demand for designers in today's marketplace, and game design is no longer an idle pursuit, but a shrewd career investment.

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