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Enhancing your career is not the only reason you should take a college class. A photography or painting class can also be the perfect way to release and develop your creative energy.

In academia today, there's an entirely new field called happiness economics. Scholars from this school of thought measure what makes people happier in their lives. And usually, what they find is that it isn't money.

One of the key ways people can make themselves happier is by devoting more of their time to creativity. Many people enjoy creative expression in art classes, like photography and painting. By taking an art class, you find a release that isn't offered in our typical everyday life.

The Joy of Art Many professionals find satisfaction in painting classes merely for the joy of it. Bankers, cooks, and advertising executives can get a lot out of a few hours a week sketching still-lifes or models with the expert guidance of an instructor. Few, if any, of these students are going to be hanging in galleries.

A photography class can offer the same release. Anyone from any walk of life can find immense satisfaction in taking a good photo. And with the proliferation of digital photography, the benefits are more than an artful release. Having good photography skills is useful for Web design and capturing family moments, because everyone loves good photos, artful ones or not.

So consider picking up that paintbrush or snapping that great shot. It could cheer you up in ways you never imagined.

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