Are You the Next Andy Warhol? Careers in Media Arts|Are You the Next Andy Warhol? Careers in Media Arts

Are You the Next Andy Warhol? Careers in Media Arts

The world of media arts is a unique mixture of creativity and technology that is drawing college students in droves. And the culture of this new decade has allowed media arts students to find their niche, both artistically and professionally. Just as Andy Warhol changed modern art as we know it, you could be the next catalyst for the art of the future.

Turn on the television set or surf the Internet and you will be amazed at the variety of media that capture your attention. The field of media arts is a unique mixture of talent and technology. The world of media arts has begun to draw some of the most talented and committed students in our colleges. These student artists are finding their niche in a cultural explosion begging for true and unfettered art.

Media Arts: A Fusion of Art and High Tech
  • Caring Clothing. Media artists create clothing with a social message as well as manufacturing in the good old USA.
  • Online Prowess. The online platform of media arts allows artists and musicians to reach an audience of millions.
  • Acting Talents. Media artists are incorporating acting into their work as a way to reach those dramatically inclined audiences.
The best part about the media arts field is that it is still a work in progress. There is plenty of time for you to carve your own place in this growing industry. A media arts degreeallows you to choose your specialty of interest. Here is what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts for media arts graduates:
  • Work environment. Most designers spend their time in modern office environments or high tech computer labs-unless they work from home.
  • Outlook. Employment opportunities for media arts program grads will grow with the national average through 2014.
  • Education. Media arts degree programs offer both two- and four-year options, depending upon your particular field of interest.
Get in on the ground floor of the media arts craze by completing an advanced program of study with a local college or online degree program.

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