2007 Art Contest Finalist: Teresa Croce

Born on March 17, 1982, I first recognized a serious passion for visual art as a child. Since then, I have spent my formative years as an eager participant in various art classes including photography, painting and drawing.

In 1998, I began my Graphic Design education at Delcastle Technical High School in the Academy of Communications and Publishing program where I acquired a solid portfolio. In addition to graduating with Honors, I was awarded for designing a significant portion of my high school’s 2000 Yearbook.

Shortly after earning an A.F.A. in Graphic Design at the Delaware College of Art and Design, I began my career working for the college as a part-time Graphic Designer.

Gaining knowledge and experience within the field of Graphic Design has helped me improve typographic solutions and other problem solving agendas found in visual communications. I am thankful to have acquired a deep sense of confidence in my work and have formed an even deeper appreciation for those who have helped along the way.

In addition to sustaining a part-time career experience I enjoy working on illustrations for t-shirts, posters, postcards and invitations for friends. Currently, I freelance at Mitchell Associates, Inc. located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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"DMHEF Logo"

MJackson Playing Card
"MJackson Playing Card"

Symposium Poster
"Symposium Poster"