2007 Art Contest Finalist: Annie Caps

Annie Caps graduated from the University of Central Florida cum laude with a Fine Arts degree in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Art at UCF. She is presenlty infatuated with virtural and phsyical sculpture and has an unhealthy addiction to the food network.

Currently, she haunts the halls of the UCF Fine Arts department, where she is working on her MFA as the recipient of one of two provost fellowships. Her work currently focuses on neo surrealist sculpture, toy design and 3d prototyping.

Her work as been displayed at the Orlando Museum of Art, Uberbot Gallery in Winter Park, FL and various showcases at the University of Central Florida. She has a painting on permanent display at the Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville Florida.

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