Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute, located in Brooklyn, New York, is one of the nation’s preeminent art schools, offering an expansive array of programs (including a core liberal arts program), a superior assortment of faculty members, and state-of the-art resources and facilities. The school’s founder, Charles Pratt, was a 19th century businessman, capitalist, visionary, and philanthropist, who sought to provide a learning institution for training industrial workers. Pratt Institute is the realization of his dream and, to this day, the school still embodies his vision: “Be True to Your Work and Your Work Will Be True to You.”

Among its more notable features, Pratt’s enclosed campus with its park-like atmosphere offers students a traditional residential college experience in New York City. Unique to Pratt is the opportunity to live on campus or in the surrounding historic Clinton Hill neighborhood, as part of a close-knit community while being minutes away from Manhattan’s major galleries, museums, and cultural experiences. The school also maintains a Manhattan campus, as well as five art galleries, a fine arts center, a printmaking center, and a computer graphics lab.

Additionally, Pratt students have the opportunity to work with professors who are at the top of their field, providing students with a chance for internships and first-hand knowledge of their chosen profession as well as connections when they're ready to look for a job after graduation.

Internationally recognized for its legacy of exceptional instruction and the variety of its course offerings, Pratt boasts such notable alumni as fashion designer Betsey Johnson, cartoonist and screenwriter Daniel Clowes, painter Ellsworth Kelly, singer and actor Harvey Fierstein, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, sculptor David Ascalon, and actors Robert Redford and Terrence Howard. Perhaps the greatest testament to the school’s reputation, however, is the fact that Pratt has one of the highest retention rates among art schools in the country. For those who are fortunate enough to find themselves enrolled at Pratt, satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.

Enrollment:       3,000, undergraduate; 1,400 graduate

Student Body:   60%  Caucasian
                        8%    African Americans
9%    Hispanic
11%  Asian
12%  International students

53% Female, 47% Male

Average Class Size:      12
Student to Faculty ratio: 12:1
Average incoming GPA:            3.33
Average SAT scores:   1117
Faculty:            106 full-time; 692 part-time (All classes are taught by professors)


Admissions and Cost:

Pratt Institute attracts highly motivated, talented students from a variety of backgrounds. Applications are welcome from all qualified students, regardless of age, sex, religion, race, color, creed, national origin, or handicap. The Admissions Committee bases its decisions on a careful review of all credentials submitted by the applicant. Although admission standards at Pratt are high, extraordinary talent may sometimes offset a lower grade point average or test score. According to Admissions counselors, if a student is not accepted, this decision is neither a negative reflection on the student’s chances for successful completion of similar studies at another institution, nor does it preclude the student's eventual admission to the Institute.

A visual portfolio for evaluation is required of all art and design applicants and should include three pencil drawings from observation including a self-portrait, a pair of shoes or a bicycle, and a still life of your choice. Twelve to 20 examples of any type of recent two- or three-dimensional work should also be submitted. You do not need to mount, mat, or frame your work. You may also include sketchbooks, newsprint pads, and preliminary studies. You should submit your work in slide or in person. Photography applicants are strongly encouraged to submit drawings but are not required and may submit a photography portfolio instead. If you submit slides of your work, do so  in a clear plastic sleeve with slides labeled with your name. Include a slide sheet listing each slide by number, the title, the medium you used, and dimensions. Your work will not be returned.

If you prefer to have your work reviewed in person, you may arrange for a review either at Pratt or in your area. To find out whether we will be visiting your area, see

Undergraduate Tuition (06-07)
$28,100 for tuition for the year; $1130 for fees for the year
Graduate Tuition (6-07)
$1010 per credit, no flat rate; $750 per credit in the School of Information and Library Science.
Scholarships: Pratt offers generous merit scholarships to offset the costs for eligible students based on portfolio, high school GPA and SATs or ACT and for transfer students college GPA and portfolio. These amounts range from $4,000 to $13,000 and that amount is awarded each year if students maintain a 2.5 GPA after the first year and each year thereafter (for fall 06 incoming students).  
Need-based Financial Aid: Whether you receive a scholarship or not, you may be eligible for need-based aid.  How much you can pay is determined by the government and is subtracted from the total cost.  That difference may be offset by Pratt's grants, loans, and self-help or work if you qualify. Most families take out a PLUS Family Loan to help pay the difference between what you receive in aid and what you will have to pay.  These loans require a good credit rating. 
Program for Disadvantaged Students
Pratt offers the HEOP program for New York State students who do not meet the general standards for admission and who qualify as being disadvantaged under the HEOP eligibility criteria.  Students who think they might qualify for HEOP should contact and check it on the application.  HEOP students get most of their costs paid by government funding and Pratt funding.  Pratt's HEOP students get tutoring and other academic assistance and begin their studies with a special summer program.

Architecture      Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture), Construction Management (B.S. in Construction Management, B.P.S. in Construction Management), Graduate Architecture (Professional Master of Architecture, post-professional Master of Architecture), Architecture and Urban Design (post-professional program), Facilities Management(Master of Science), City and Regional Planning (Master of Science), Environmental Planning (Master of Science), Historic Preservation (Master of Science)

Art & Design    Art & Design Education (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Science), Communications Design (Graphic Design, Illustration, and Advertising/ Art Direction- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Science), Digital Arts (2D, 3D, Interactive Media, Experimental Media- Bachelor of Fine Arts), Fashion Design (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, and Jewelry- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts); Fashion Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Foundation Arts, History of Art (Theory, Criticism and History of Art, Design and Architecture- Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Master of Science), Industrial Design (Bachelor of Industrial Design), Interior Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Media Arts (Photography, Film, Animation- Bachelor of Fine Arts), Associate Degree Programs in Illustration, Graphic Design and Digital Design and Interactive Media, Arts & Cultural Management (Master of Professional Studies), Creative Arts Therapy (Master of Science), Design Management (Master of Professional Studies)       

School of Information and Library Science        Library and Information Science, Master of Science
                        Dual Degree Program with the History of Art and Design
MSLIS and MS in the History of Art and Design and Joint-degree Program with Brooklyn Law School M.S. LIS/J.D

Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
Pratt Institute has joined with Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute School of Art to create an exciting educational opportunity, Pratt at Munson-Williams-Proctor. Spend the first two years of your BFA degree on the beautiful Central New York State campus and the remainder of your BFA on the Pratt Brooklyn campus in New York City.

200 Willoughby Ave.
DeKalb Hall 2
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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