Maryland Art & Design Schools

The state of Maryland offers a wealth of opportunities for you to develop your artistic talents, from the scenic port city of Annapolis to the cultural legacy of Baltimore. In addition, many of Maryland's art and design schools are located in the growing Washington, DC metropolitan area. This provides easy access to premier resources, museums, exhibitions, and cultural events, including the Smithsonian Museums and Hirshhorn Galleries.

Studying Art & Design in Maryland

Maryland's largest city, Baltimore, is another artistic hub for art students. In recent years, the city has experienced an urban renaissance, with many Washingtonians vacating the expensive DC suburbs and moving to Baltimore. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of city life, and a rich history of African-American community arts. If your art and design interests are more than a hobby, consider enrolling in one of Maryland's fine programs, such as graphic design, interior design, or photography.

Featured Art & Design Schools in Maryland

This list also contains online schools that accept students from Maryland