Poster Art Primer

Do you like movie posters? Perhaps another kind of poster art—Art Deco or vintage—is more to your taste. Many significant posters were created by great artists of the past like Toulouse-Lautrec, whose posters sold for as little as a hundred dollars during the 1970’s, but now sell for tens of thousands. You may not find such impressive works under the floorboards of you house, like Toulouse-Lautrec’s were found, but if you are in the market for collecting and displaying the best works you can find, you live in one of the best of times to do so.

Perhaps the most important for you to decide to collect poster art, is why you want to do this in the first place. If it is for investment purposes, then your primary objective when buying a poster is, will someone else want to buy this from me at a later date? Then, if after researching your purchase thoroughly, you then decide to buy a fine art print, you will, with some acumen and luck in matching the tastes of others to your intuition, end up with a significant profit a few years down the road. If, however, you just want to buy for your own enjoyment (and this covers the majority of people buying poster art) then it is a simple matter to choose what you want and then go about hanging on the walls of your house of business.

Poster art can be divided into many discrete areas, but this article will only cover movie and vintage-style poster art.

First is the one that many people own—vintage-style posters. In this category are many movie posters, such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, perhaps the most famous silent movie of them all, or Gone With the Wind or even the Film Noir classics such as The Postman Always Rings Twice, one of the finest examples of this dark and sexy genre that still influences such seminal movies as Blade Runner and Body Heat.

In the modern era, say after Star Wars and the rise of the blockbuster movie, there are many posters to choose from. Do you want a Star Wars poster? Then choose from any of the many posters used to promote the movie—even if it is from the other side of the world and some of the text is in a foreign language.

If movie posters are not what you want to collect, choose vintage reproduction posters. One of the better places to find these classics is at Poster Classics on the internet. Here you will find the images that are still considered classics and are freely used by modern-day graphic artists to create cutting-edge styles for advertising and design firms.

There are many more kinds of posters to choose from, but these categories are good places to start. Search out some image you like and then find someone to who is selling it. After you become an expert, maybe you will begin to sell poster art yourself.