New York Art and Drama Schools

The Big Apple might well be the center of the world’s culture and it certainly has those who are pursing the arts in abundance. New York City, especially, is a place where artists come to learn and then to ply their craft. Perhaps that is your dream as well. You could not choose a better place to begin your career as an artist and you can start right here for an overview of your options to study art and drama in the New World’s greatest city.

If you want to be an actor, then New York is a great place to start. Many fine actors and several academy award winners like De Niro and Coppola have started and continued their careers here. One of the best dramatic schools in New York City is the New York Film Academy’s Acting School for Film. This superb dramatic school will prepare you for the craft of acting in the finest of surroundings and some impressive talent bound to be seen as guest lecturers and instructors. To give you an idea of who teaches here, there are working actors from film, television, Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theatre have instructed actors in the past and they can give you insights you can get nowhere else. That does not mean that this drama school is only for those already well developed and on their way to becoming professional actors—it has such people in attendance, but this art school is for those just starting out as well.

If you are new to acting, perhaps coming from another career and not sure if acting is the right dramatic art for you, then this school can help you decide if this is the right art to pursue. The school can take you from the rudiments of acting where you will get on-camera within days of beginning a course, and the intensive training will have you advancing rapidly in the difficult art of acting in a short time. If you want to become an actor, this is a good place to start.

Another New York art and drama school to consider is the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Located on Madison Avenue in New York City, this old world-looking campus, designed by the renowned Stanford White, has three theatres: a proscenium theatre, an arena-style theatre and a thrust-stage theatre and all are available for student use during rehearsals and for full-scale productions. All these theatres seat over one hundred and the larger two seat over one-hundred sixty. You will have a goodly-sized audience two watch you during your dramatic performances and to help you gauge your progress towards excellence in one of the world’s most difficult arts.