Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication

At the Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication we believe a successful art career starts with BOTH Traditional and Digital Art training. During our intense four-year studio program, students reach new heights in classic drawing and painting, and then apply those skills using the latest creative software in our state-of-the-art Digital Media Lab. Classes are small and taught by professional artists who teach students to think creatively, communicate visually and conquer the daily challenges of a working artist. Finally, we help students build a substantial portfolio-the key to success for any artist. Gemini graduates work in advertising, videogames, film, publishing and fine arts.

The Gemini School of Illustration was founded in Berkshire, England in 1984 by Roger Barcilon. Roger’s philosophy of treating students like future professionals and sharing his time honored techniques from both the commercial and fine art world gave Gemini students a unique “apprenticeship” education—unlike most traditional art schools at that time. Word of Gemini's successful illustration program quickly attracted students from all over the world and the school thrived for over 15 years in its original location.

Today, an astounding 85% of graduates of the UK program have successful careers as artists in advertising, film, videogame, fine art and publishing. In 2000, Roger moved to the US where he and one of his former students, Matt Stubbington, joined forces to open Big Sesh Studios, a commercial digital art firm. In October, 2003, Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication was reborn in Austin, Texas with the same teaching philosophy and commitment to world class education as its UK counterpart.

Our philosophy and purpose are focused on career preparation: to “ turn your talent into a Profession.”  We train students in all aspects of illustration and assist them during the transition from student to professional working in the international markets of commercial art. Our goal is to provide students with a high standard of skill in traditional drawing and painting AND a thorough knowledge of ALL illustration techniques-both traditional and digital. Our esteemed faculty shares knowledge gained during successful careers as professional artists, giving students a “real world” emphasis unique to Gemini School.  Finally, we help students build a substantial portfolio, the key to success in commercial art.

Gemini School has a competitive “rolling admissions” schedule where students may apply for admission and start the program at the beginning of any term (October, January and April). Applicants must be high school graduates or have completed their GED. A portfolio review and personal interview are required. SAT or ACT scores are not necessary for admission to GeminiSchool.  For more information on Gemini School visit our website at