Fine Art Schools

Fine art schools are not as numerous as higher education for business careers, but there are enough of them for budding artists to have a surplus of excellent choices in most any state in the nation. If cost and admission requirements can be met, then this list gives you the best of the best.

At the top is Rhode Island School of Design. This school is the standard by which all other art schools are judged. Many of its faculty are artists in areas of the state such as Providence, which has a thriving artistic community, and Newport, the former home of the America’s Cup Race. If you just want the best, then this school is it.

Second on the list is Virginia Commonwealth University. In the fine arts area of study, VCU offers an outstanding sculpture program. Here, using all that this large and flexible school has to offer, students are encouraged to fully investigate their talent and vision in all fine art areas of study as well as the wider offerings of this top-ranked university.

Further, the Fine Arts Department has six full-time faculty members and a visiting artist program that exposes students to the working life of artists of all kinds. The graduate department allows undergraduates to continue their education and is VCU is ranked to be in the top five in the nation. All things considered, this is one exceptional university to think about attending.

Third on the list of the best is Yale University. At Yale, a prospective artist will attend the Professional School of the Arts. This university offers all the expected areas of study plus many more, such as Film, that would not be expected from this venerable institution. Of course, you have to be admitted to this school and that is not an easy task.

Fourth on the list of the best fine art schools in America is the Art Institute of Chicago. This exceptional school values the artist who knows what he or she wants to do and needs to tailor their academic study to meet those highly personal and subjective goals.

After the first year of their studies, students are encouraged to sample any of the courses that may be of interest to them. About half of the students do just that and create overlapping sets of skills and ways of seeing that allows the fullest _expression of their talents. This art school is perfect for those who want to design their own academic program and begin an artist’s career while still attending the university.