The Best Art and Drama Schools in America

Any “Best List” tends to be subjective and this is true when attempting to decide which of the many art and drama schools in the United States should be at the top of such a list.

At the top of any best art and drama schools in America list is the New York Film Academy. Long recognized for its intensive program in all the film arts, offering such areas of emphasis as directing, acting, sound design, set design, screenplay writing andmany more, this school offers an intensive program in the film arts that can introduce students to the rigors of filmmaking.

What if you do not want to travel and live in New York City for the time it will take you to get your education? The New York Film Academy has kindly made this easy for you as there is a West Coast affiliate of NYFA for those who do not want to leave sunny California.

Another art and drama school to consider is TVI. This school is focused on creating actors, refining the craft and honing the business skills of prospective acting students. The business skills area of expertise particularly is one that most actors need help with, at least until they sign their first seven-figure contract.

Classes at this drama school, with locations in New York City and Los Angeles, are practical and will help actors with the development of their talents and with how to go about living the actor’s life, which can be trying in the early stages of a career.

Course instructors are actors, directors and producers, and some are even casting directors and talent agents --  people you might want to get to know if you plan to pursue a career in this dramatic art.  You can polish your audition skills, something many professional actors feel they do not do well, during courses designed to help improve your acting for commercials, daytime television, film, musicals, primetime television and theatre.

At every stage of your development as an actor, you can get helpful criticism from people who are actually working in the industry—it is not theory here, it is practical and intensive training in the craft.

If you are more interested in a particular type of acting like Method, sometimes known by its originator’s name Stanislavski Method, then one art and drama school in Los Angeles to consider is Theatre Group Studio. Here you receive instruction in Method acting, a technique that can help you get to the very core of the part you play.

All of these schools offer preparation for careers in acting or other dramatic arts, and whichever school you choose can provide opportunities to further your command of the artistry.