Graphic Design - A Guide to Getting a Job

So you just graduated from Art School with your Graphic Design degree and you don’t have ajob. It sucks, your parents are saying “I told you so” and your looking at amountain of student loans and a Starbucks pay check. Don’t Panic. I was in the exact same position that you were almostten years ago. If I did it so can you.

Take Stock
First you need to takerelative stock of what you do have. How good are you? Can you write well? Whattype of computer skills do you have? You may need to get creative if you aregoing to work as a graphic designer. Many companies do not have budget for aprint designer. However, they would love to have a secretary who can also dographic design. The most important thing is that you can find a job thatrequires you to use your skills even if it is not your primary job. You canalways work your way in to what you really want to do.

Computer Skills
A lot of good artists can’tuse computers. Take a look in the local paper and notice how the higher payinggraphic design jobs require you to build web sites, use software, or even haveprogramming languages. The combination of graphic design and advanced computerskills is worth a lot of money in today’s job market.  You my space page doesn’t count. Learnsoftware, learn to write code, learn to use the computer and it will help youget what you want.

I got my first real graphic designjob because I could do design and build web sites.

If you love it do it anyway.
Almost everyone has a needfor a web site. If you really want to get your work out then do a few onehundred dollar web sites. Maybe your next site will be worth a thousanddollars. Deadlines are great leaning tools. If you really have a need to getsomething done you are amazed what you can do. Make a goal of doing ten websites in the next year. Stay away from friends or family. Try to get realclients even if your real clients can only afford a three hundred dollar site.

Put all of your best stuff online
I got exactly one job frommy web site on the first year I had it online. The next year I got five jobs.The next year I had calls for twenty five jobs but I only could do three ofthem because I was working at Microsoft. A web site is not a lottery ticket. Itis like a good stock. The effort that you put into it will grow with time andpatience. When I am looking for a job the first question out of the recruiter’smouth is usually about the address of my web site.